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Welcome to the Driveway Austin School and Track Venue Website! 

Our signature classes bring drivers of all levels to the peak of their abilities. Driveway Austin takes great pride in offering classes taught only by professional race drivers delivering world-class instruction. Our initial class, Foundations of Road Racing, certifies you to practice on our short course, modeled after the Ferrari Fiorano test track.  The Advanced Road Racing class certifies you for full access to all configurations including our elevation course and our high-speed section.


Alumni of the classes can then drive the track during our published "Open Practice" times (usually Wed-Sat., 12-1)

as well as other times as the calendar allows. Click here for more information on ALUMNI PRACTICE


All of our classes are available as private coaching sessions for an additional charge.

Contact us for more information on this popular option.  


*Only drivers with a current SCCA or an equivalent racing license are exempted from the Foundations L1 course as completion of this program assures all individuals on track have been personally certified in the highest standard of precision driving practices.





Info and Booking Options Below. Works best on a computer!

Sports Car

Foundations of

Road Racing

The Foundations of Road Racing course covers the core dynamic elements of high performance driving in a 1 day program with approx. 100 miles of track time.

Driving School

Adult Xtreme
Driving Class

This course is designed with the  urban/suburban driver in mind, to arm individuals with the tools to stay safe on our overcrowded roads and in extreme conditions.

Race car driver


This course covers the elements of head to head racing, the chess game of winning races and keeping the car and driver in one piece throughout the race.

stick shift

Manual Shift

This course covers the "basics" of manual shift operation where coordination of controls and vehicle "feel" are the focus.

Yellow Sports Car

Advanced Road Racing

This comprehensive course covers the advanced driving elements of elevation change and high speed dynamics.

Sports Car in Storm

Skid Control

Learn the advanced techniques of SKID control and avoidance in our purpose built SkidCar. People seeking drifting skills can use this course to that purpose.

Race Car

3 Day Road Racing

Learn it all in our specialized 3 day superschool intensive. From start to finish, take your driving to the next level in this full throttle driving experience.

Police Cars

Tactical Engagement

This course covers the core dynamic elements of tactical engagement in hot zones, car control, accident avoidance, driving focus and precision driving.

Driver Behind Wheel

Teen Xtreme
Driving Class

This course covers the core dynamic elements of car control, accident avoidance, driving focus and precision driving.


Radical SR3
Prototype Course

This course covers the advanced driving elements of the Radical SR-3 race car. Learn the specific techniques required to master a powerful ground effects prototype to the fullest of its potential.

Carefree Drive

Women Only

The version of the Foundations of Road Racing class is exactly the same as the regular class, but

with only half the calories.

Safari Jeeps


This course covers the "basics" of off-road driving where conditions are unpredictable and vehicle dynamics are put to the test.

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