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  • Can I come drive the track?
    We are a school and want to teach you how to read and drive any racetrack to the best of your ability. Our track is very technical and designed to teach you well. As such, our track is available only to school alumni or those with current race licenses.
  • How much is a track session once I've taken the course?
    Once you've taken the Foundations of Road Racing course you are elgible to practice on the L1 circuit at $35 per 20 minute session. Once you've complete the Advanced Road Racing course you have access to the full circuit with L2 at $70 per 25 minute session and the L3 GP Circuit at $130 per 30 minute session.
  • When are open practice sessions?
    Open practice for all alumni runs from Tuesday through Saturday between 12 and 1pm. We also open various full days of open practice. Be sure to check our calendar of events and follow our Facebook and Instagram feeds for updates. At times practice may not be available due to clients or manufacturers holding a closed event, it's always a good idea to call ahead!
  • When can I come karting?
    Karting for general public is on Sundays only, from 12 till 5pm, weather permitting. Please be sure to check our Facebook or Instagram feed to make sure we're open. We accomodate corporate and group bookings for 10 drivers or more on any available dates. Contact us to request a date and time for your next team build or event!
  • I'm coming to take one of your courses, what do I need to bring?"
    Bring yourself, your car, and a full tank of gas! (You'd be amazed how many people forget that!) If you're under the age of 18 you'll need to either bring a completed parental waiver or a parent to fill it out upon arrival.
  • Do I need my own car?
    Yes! All our programs, with the exception of our tactical training, are done in your own vehicle.
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