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Alumni Practice is Now By RESERVATIONS ONLY !

Alumni of our classes (exclusively) can drive the track during our published "Practices"

(usually Wed-Sat 12-1) as well as other times as the calendar allows. Pricing is as follows: 


• $50 for 25 minutes on L1 (short course w/ carousel)

• $75 for 25 minutes on L2 (mid course w/ elevation change)

• $150 for 30 minutes on L3 (full Grand Prix circuit w/ 2600 ft. straight away)


Check the Calendar section of our website and to confirm practice times.

Weather and special events can affect track availability.

Special Alumni Practice Precautions:

  • masks must be worn inside the office or when riding with an instructor

  • no loaner helmets at this time; drivers must bring their own helmets

  • social distancing is strictly enforced

  • spectators are not encouraged at this time


For graduates of Foundations of Road Racing

For graduates of Foundations

and Advanced Road Racing courses

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