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Gentlewomen: Start Your Engines!

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Driveway Austin is all about passion. We cater to the individuals who have a passion to learn about the art and craft of racing and tactical driving. About a year ago we noticed that a lot of the women who were in our classes would mention possibly enjoying the pursuit of racing skills in an environment where they felt less pressure, which was code for less men. This may sound sexist, but to be honest, in general our male students are focused on learning speed right out of the gate, while our female students tend to take their time learning the basics of car control, the byproduct of which is speed. The later method, btw, is the philosophy preached by our founder and director, Bill Dollahite.

Anyhow, to cut to the chase, as it were, we decided to see if there was interest in our holding a Woman's Only Foundation of Road Racing class and the answer was a resounding hell yes! So we built it - and they came. We are proud to have put over 50 women through the program, which does end with a champagne toast, btw ; )

Saturday, August 24, we have a Woman's Only Foundation of Road Racing class that will feature two firsts: a student of our teen program got the bug for racing and immediately signed up...and the other first is also about her as she's bringing her mother out, too. We have lots of father-son students but this will be our first mother- daughter duo and we're so excited to see how Emma's passion for racing is growing and infecting her family, especially her mother Ann! We hope to see them both in the September 7 Time Attack!

There is still space in the class and we will also have another in October. Until then, stay safe in Orange Cone City until you can get back to the track! And please forgive the car puns, an industry hazard.

Learn performance driving and racing at Driveway Austin
Bill and Two Enthusiastic Young Women Drivers!

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