MARCH 21 !

Race Against the Clock in a Fun & Friendly Competitive Environment at Your Favorite Hometown Racetrack!

Basic Rules:

  • All drivers and passengers must read and sign a waiver ASAP upon entering the facility.

  • The morning safety briefing starts at 8 am and is mandatory for ALL drivers.

  • Morning practice sessions and grouping starts after the driver briefing

  • Cookout lunch approx. 12-1. Cash donations appreciated. 

  • Timed laps in the afternoon: Two (3) lap runs take place after lunch [one car on track at a time]

  • All drivers and passengers must wear helmets (loaners available)

  • All drivers must have state issued driver's license and be at least 16 year old (or have a current FIA, SCCA or NASA             competition license)

  • All drivers or passengers under 18 must have a signed parental waiver to go on track

  • SPIN OUT disqualifies all session laps. Practice good car control at all times.

  • NO DRIFTING!  Immediate disqualification without refund!

  • Other rules of engagement outlined in morning drivers' briefing and are subject to change as required to insure safety

  • No technical inspections, however car must pass state safety regulations and have a muffler.

  • Children welcome (young children MUST have supervision at all times) after waiver signing in office

  • We run on L1 only.  L2 and L3 are only for race school alums and not suited for Time Attacks

  • Shared cars permitted but each DRIVER must pay an entrance fee

Special Holiday Fare - Donations appreciated!