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BILL DOLLAHITE is the founder and visionary behind Driveway Austin. Having spent most of his life in the racing industry, Bill retired from full-time active competition in 2000 after reaching the pinnacle of his racing career with Ferrari. Throughout his career, Bill accumulated more than 100 career victories and 14 championship titles. He holds 7 track records that still stand today. Since his planned exit from the driver’s seat, he engineered, constructed and runs one of the most sought-after development circuits and driver training curriculums today.


In addition to being in the racing industry for 30 years, Bill was also educated as an engineer and enjoyed a successful parallel career in technology marketing, most notably creating the highly successful Windows 95 product launch racing program. By blending the two careers, Bill created a successful high-tech motorsports marketing and training company that drove four of his clients to number one in their industry. During the off seasons and breaks, he also taught performance driving for the world-famous Bob Bondurant Driving School and provided personal race training for industry leaders Dell, Compaq and Microsoft, as well as celebrities, such as Craig T. Nelson.

Bill has utilized his vast knowledge of motorsports and experience behind the wheel to architect methodical curriculums for professional race training, as well as specialized and extreme conditions training focusing on the requirements of law enforcement, executive protection driving and the Department of Defense. 


Beyond the track, Bill and his family work with charity organizations and hospitals to bring opportunity to those less fortunate and to prevent avoidable tragedies where driving can be a hazard.


Today, Bill is globally sought-after as both a captivating motivational speaker and a motorsports consultant for racing teams, tracks and training facilities. In his own words, “If what we do brings a smile to a single face or if what we teach saves but one life, then we have lived well today.”

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