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Who We Are

Driveway Austin was conceived and designed by Bill Dollahite, a professional race driver with over 35 years of world-class racing experience (notably as a very successful driver and team director with Ferrari and as a DOD sanctioned tactical trainer). Bill created Driveway Austin's famous track by combining some of the most interesting and challenging racing corners from around the world to create an unparalleled Grand Prix circuit in Austin, Texas. Bill's son, Scott Dollahite, heads the Instruction department and is a current racing professional. Driveway Austin is widely considered one of the finest race driving training facilities in the world.




The location and strategic configurations have made Driveway Austin a top choice for major vehicle manufacturers for development testing, media sessions and launch (Ride and Drive) activities as well as a stunning backdrop for print and film work.

Design and Engineering

The course has 3 main configurations with different dynamic elements: 

  • L1 (Short Course, modeled after Fiorano in Italy) focuses on flat surface vehicle dynamics.

  • L2 (Elevation Course, modeled after the Laguna Seca Corkscrew in California) highlights elevation change and off-camber. 

  • L3 (Grand Prix Course modeled after the Nurburgring in Germany) showcases high-speed dynamics with a long straightaway and signature turns.  

More than just the layout design, the course was engineered from far beneath the surface with deep compacted and chosen soils, a premium grade base material, and an exotic asphalt design that is extremely smooth with exceptional grip.  It took over a year to layout, prepare the elevations and soilscure the base and compress the surface. Driveway Austin is truly a work of art in racetrack engineering and design.

How Driveway Austin Works

Driveway Austin is now home to The Grand Prix Club, which is a private motorsports country club.  We also offer a world-class high-performance driving school to the public including courses in racing, teen survival, tactical engagement, off-road, ATV, skid control, and even manual shift.  


Solo access to the track requires every driver to complete our Foundations of Road Racing class to get on the short course and completion of the Advanced Road Racing class to get on the Grand Prix Circuit. It is a mandatory step to ensure safety on our purpose-built, technically challenging Grand Prix race track. 


The Foundations of Road Racing course is a prerequisite for the Advanced Road Racing course, which is also a one day program.  This course includes our signature "Laguna Seca" style corkscrew turn for elevation training and also a 2,600' straightaway for high-speed techniques.

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